Hollywood Fashion Round-Up

Looking back at some of the biggest moments in fashion one has to take a closer look at Hollywood. Front and center, we take a look at the 69th Emmy Awards. This being one of the main events of the year . Reporter  Jane Carlson of the Hollywood Reporter, we get glimpse into celebrity fashion as the year comes to an end.The run down the runway gives us a clue on what’s in store for us as we get into 2018 fashion trends.

Fashion Trends

Some of the fashion tends that were top of the list for sytlist blogger Reachel Leea.She shares some of the trends that she intended to follow and those that she hated.

MakeUp tips

Hanging out with blogger Shay Mitchell, as she does an everyday makeup look, tutorial. She explains her passion for doing make up as she learns more through teaching.


In Seattle there is a growing fashion sub-culture that is based on Pin-Up Modeling. This sub-culture is attracting women from every walk of life.Here is one of the stories.

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