ZARA 16 S/S Campaign Fashion Film

I could understand where the first 47 seconds of this fashion video were coming from. It was peaceful with women in nature it gave a sense that things were well natural. So it led me to believe that it would feel natural to wear the clothing.

However, I’m sorry Zara you lost me at 47 seconds because that is where one woman is what appears to be washing another woman’s hair in the ocean? I am not sure what is happening anymore? Then to lose me further they start to be paired up and with coloured smoke? It is like some warrior call because they are looking off into a distance like they have to all convene at some special place and moment that we are not aware of. Then they do start to all join at one specific location. Which by 1:23 you can only assume the meeting was to announce the beach slumber party because they are now holding sparklers dancing around a bed? I am disappointed Zara because this video started so strong but then you lost me with your story and it felt like ideas were thrown together without consideration of someone watching from beginning to end.

Fashion Film Ft. Leah Rose | Forest

In keeping pace with the music the introduction to this film starts off slow but when the beat picks up at 31 seconds it catches you off guard. I would almost suggest cutting from that point to 53 seconds where she is in the FOREST with the red dress because that transition would have matched the beat and highlighted the theme. I like the almost ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ feel you get from it. Overall, well done it is beautiful and keeping within story.

DAWN – Wake Up (A Fashion Film)

The beat combined with the beautiful colours and unique camera angles surely do WAKE you UP! The first set of chorography felt enclosed like they didn’t have much space but the second was open with great movement and timing. Many of the angles for the two elaborate pieces of clothing are mostly sitting, from the waist up or unique camera angles. I wish there was some more full body panning or standing within the dancers so I can see the full piece in its glory.


This caught my eye, my attention and got my heart racing. It is very sensual with its vintage look. Everything from the building to the décor it was cohesive. The creativity with the gentlemen touching the flower and the woman reacting was genius. The faster the pace the faster my heart beat that was intriguing. However, I wish the two on the couch didn’t happen. I like the breaking of the mirror and his reaction because it added humour to something that was very heated and sensual.

Viva vina !

This hit my funnybone! Oh gosh, it was all the cliché beautiful movements you expect and ignore in fashion and women’s products. I was annoyed and bored until I realized it was a joke! I love how you were able to laugh at what you were doing in an industry that has this as a standard. It’s getting old watching women do this slow motion, fluffy, flowery crap. Although I must admit the directing and editing of all this crap was very well done.


Wow! This was creepy and gave me the vibe of the movie ‘The Shining’ with the hotel and manic expressions. I thought it was going to flip to humour with the women waiting and looking annoyed. Then it got stronger with the creepy element. I laughed to myself thinking is this where all the social media cliché photos go to die? Joking aside it was well done with the clothing, décor and music.